Dear Runner!


Here you find the Terms of Participation. We know nobody likes to read such fine-printed stuff. However, unfortunately we can not waive it. So we kindly ask you to read this part carefully and completely. It won’t hurt. Thank you very much for your attention.


The general terms and conditions of participation described below are valid for all participants who participate in one of the competitions within the framework of THE GREAT BATUMI NIGHT RACE.


These conditions of participation govern the relationship between the participants and the organizer. They are occasionally subject to changes. They are part of the agreement between the organizer and the participant in their valid version. Changes made taking into account the legitimate interests of the participants and which are published by the organizer in the internet or in written form will become an integral part of the Terms of Participation.


The age groups valid for this halfmarathon are listed under General Information.


All runners aged 18 and over can participate in the races. Younger participants may participate with a formless written consent of the legal representative. A membership in a sports club or federation is not necessary.


All runners who are in possession of an official start number of THE GREAT BATUMI NIGHT RACE are entitled to start. The bib number is not transferable and is to be worn in full size on the front of the running dress. Changing or covering the lettering and/or sponsorship logos is not permitted and leads to the disqualification. Runners without a bib number are referred to leave the race by the marshals.


You can transfer your start number to another runner. To do this, please present a formless authorization, signed by the surrender and filled in with your data (name, address) and your personal ID or your passport as you collect the starting documents.


By registering for THE GREAT BATUMI NIGHT RACE I acknowledge the exclusion of any liability of the organizers for damages of all kinds. I will neither fight against the organizers and sponsors of THE GREAT BATUMI NIGHT RACE or against the city of Batumi or their representatives to assert claims for injuries and damages of any kind which might arise in connection with the participation in THE GREAT BATUMI NIGHT RACE. I know that the event takes place in every weather. However, the organizer reserves the right, in the case of “imminent danger”, e.g. heat, storms, force majeure, terror, etc., to terminate the race prematurely without any claim for any reimbursement of the participation fee.


I declare that I have trained enough to participate in this race, are physically healthy and my medical condition has been confirmed by a doctor. I also assure that I am not using doping drugs, that my birth year and other personal data are correct, and that I will only pass my start number within the framework of the above regulation. I agree that my personal data, the photographs, films, and interviews I have made during my participation in THE GREAT BATUMI NIGHT RACE may be used on my own without any remuneration claims. I assure that my date of birth indicated on registration is correct and I will not pass my start number to any other person. I am aware of the fact that I can be disqualified if I change the official start number in any way, in particular parts of it.


Participation in a contest of THE GREAT BATUMI NIGHT RACE using other sports equipment (such as walking sticks/In-Line-Skaters or similar) is not permitted. Sports equipment of any kind, which can affect the safety or health of the participants or visitors of the event, are not allowed to participate in the event. For safety reasons, participation with wheelchairs and/or so-called “handbikes” is only possible after consultation with the organizer. An accompaniment by bicycles, inline skaters and other means of transport or animals is not allowed and results in the disqualification of the respective runners!


According to the IWR (International Competition Rules) 144, the use of sound reproducing devices of all kinds, e.g. MP3 players, SmartPhones etc., is prohibited throughout the competition area during the competition. Inobservance results in disqualification. Equipment which is used to measure heart rate, speed or step counting may be carried along for these purposes. Therefore, please do not wear headphones for your own protection and protection of your followers. In the competition one should be attentive and be aware that, for example, by listening to music and cutting off from the environment. The consequences of not being able to perceive dangerous situations, e.g. approaching rescue services, accompanying vehicles, cyclists, dogs, etc. should not be underestimated! Enjoy the special and motivating atmosphere of a race with our presenter, the music and the spectators who have come to cheer you up.


The organizer shall announce organizational measures to the participants prior to the start of the event. The instructions of the organizer and the personnel indicated accordingly must be followed. In the case of infringements which may disturb the course of the event or jeopardize the safety of the other participants, the organizer shall be entitled to declare the eventual disqualification from the event and/or a disqualification. Legally binding declarations may only be submitted by the organizer’s authorized persons. This group of persons also includes the members of the medical services attending the event, who can also prevent the participation or continuation of participation in the event in the event of appropriate health signs to protect the participant.


Is the organizer, without intention or gross negligence, in cases of force majeure or required by official directives or for security reasons, conducting changes in organizing or canceling the event, there is neither an entitlement to a refund of the organizing fee nor a claim compensation of the organizer regarding the participant.


In the case of my non-participation (illness, business travel, etc.), there is no entitlement to a refund of the organizing fee, unless the organizer is responsible for my non-participation.


Registration is mandatory and subject to charges. If participants do not attend, there is no entitlement to a refund of the participation fee.


I acknowledge that the organizers of THE GREAT BATUMI NIGHT RACE reserve the right to exclude me from the event if the above obligations are proven.


Note according to the Data Protection Act: Your data will be stored electronically.

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